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Tamu Ground Keningau

Tamu Ground Keningau is a weekly tamu that takes place every Sunday. As early as 6 a.m., traders begin setting up their stalls in Tamu Ground Keningau; the area will be jammed by traffic as most locals spend their Sunday morning buying fresh vegetables and other goods. Travellers can also buy their handmade souvenirs, dried seafood, and trust your eyes-as this tamu is also packed with stalls.

Keningau Night Market

Located in the core of Keningau, Keningau Night Market offers a wide range of food, fresh vegetables and dried seafood. The market is one of the attractions available in Keningau; it is probably one of the most visited locations in the world. Enjoy a walk down the market and try their local cuisine; this is the best way to mix with the locals.

Keningau Mall

G-Mart Keningau

Hiap Lee Shopping Centre

Servay Jaya Hypermarket