Kalimaran Festival

Pesta Kalimaran (Kalimaran Fest) is an annual cultural celebration of the Muruts. It celebrates the richness of Muruts culture and presents most of their cultural aspects. The word Kalimaran refers to the craftsmanship activities of the Muruts. It is derived from the Murut's words ralaa and alimar. Ralaa means young lady and alimar means hardworking, strong-minded, diligent and trustworthy. According to a folklore, there was a young Murut lady called Ralaa. She was a hardworking, strong-minded, diligent and trustworthy young lady. But her brother Yolomor had to sacrifice her for the benefit of their community. Before she was sacrificed, she managed to produce many handicrafts like the Tikar, Silaung, Tikalis, Buyung, Lintoyog and Onot by using raw materials like bamboo, rattan and bamban. Ralaa ended her kalimaran by weaving cloth, sampoi (scarf) by using thread, which was produced from Timahan roots. Finally, Ralaa was sacrificed by Yolomor to get seeds for his cultivation farm. 



Kaamatan Festival

Kaamatan is a Kadazan-Dusun term for "harvest" and is celebrated for the whole month of May. It is normally celebrated by the ethnic Kadazan-Dusuns, as well as by other related ethnic groups in Sabah. It is an annual event to celebrate the relationship between Creator and Creation.

The bobohizan (the Kadazan Priestess) plays an important role in this festival because she is the one who determines the official harvest festival date as well as officiated the Tadau Kaamatan. However, Kaamatan Harvest Festival is not just a celebration to signify the beginning of harvest; there is significance to the reason why the Kadazan-dusun celebrates it. 


Festival of Lights

Festival of lights in Keningau is the most happening festival in Keningau. It features a gorgeous light show that looks simply amazing and the town of Keningau will be lights up with colorful lights. Get your camera ready and strike a pose!



Cinnamon Festival

 Cinnamon Festival is a festival that showcases cinnamon, a type of spice that commonly found in Keningau. The name Keningau was actually derived from the name of a tree that grew in abundance in Keningau, which is Koningau (cinnamon tree). During this four days festival, there are many activities held such as coloring contest, cultural dance, concert and even arm wrestling competition!


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