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Kalimaran Festival

Pesta Kalimaran (Kalimaran Fest) is the Murut’s annual cultural celebration. It respects the diversity of Muruts culture by introducing the majority of their cultural aspects. The Muruts' handicraft practises are referred to as "Kalimaran." It comes from the words ralaa and alimar in the Murut language. Alimar means hardworking, strong-minded, diligent, and trustworthy, and Ralaa means young lady.

Ralaa, a young Murut woman, was said to exist in folklore. She was a committed, strong-willed, attentive, and trustworthy young lady. Yolomor, her brother, had to sacrifice her for the good of the nation. She managed to make several handicrafts, including the Tikar, Silaung, Tikalis, Buyung, Lintoyog, and Onot, using raw materials such as bamboo, rattan, and bamban before she was sacrificed. Ralaa completed her kalimaran by weaving a sampoi (scarf) out of thread made from timahan roots. Ralaa was ultimately sacrificed by Yolomor in order to acquire seeds for his cultivation estate.

Festival of Lights

The most famous festival in Keningau is the Festivals of Lights. It involves a dazzling light display, as well as the town of Keningau being illuminated with colourful lights. Prepare your camera and strike a pose.

Location: Padang Bandaran

Cinnamon Festival

Cinnamon Festival is a celebration of cinnamon, a spice that is widely available in Keningau. The name Keningau was derived from the name of a tree that grew abundantly in Keningau, the Keningau tree (cinnamon tree). Many events are held during this four-day festival, including a colouring contest, cultural dance, concert, and even an arm-wrestling competition.

Location: Padang Bandaran

The Crocker Range Festival

The Crocker Range Festival seeks to incorporate rural communities' cultures while also assisting in the development of the local economy. It also helps villagers to sell their agricultural produce and other locally manufactured goods. The festival lasts four days, and on the final day, they will organise a beauty pageant in which the contestants wear costumes made from flora and fauna.

Location: Padang Bandaran
Website: November