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Sumazau (Dusun)

Sumazau is a folk dance performed in the Dusun-Keningau ethnic annually during the harvest festival in May. The dance is performed by both men and women dressed in black and red costumes. Dancers perform with the accompaniment of gongs - normally 6 pieces of different sizes and a drum with a particular rhythm. The duration and pace of the dance differ by region. If you pay close attention, you will realise that the hand gestures represent that of eagles flying. During the dance, each dancer must make a sequence of moves only by a few centimetres away from each other without touching.



Magunatip or well-known as ‘Bamboo Dance’, is considered as one of the most popular traditional dances in Sabah. The name ‘Magunatip’ is derived from the word ‘apit’, which means ‘to press between two spaces’. In the dance, dancers need good timing and agility to put their feet between the clapping bamboo poles, without being trapped. The music tempo and the clapping speed will become faster and faster, so the audiences will be super-impressed by the exciting ending. In the past, Magunatip dance was a warrior dance to welcome the return of the Murut headhunters. Today, the bamboo dance is commonly performed in cultural functions and celebrations for entertainment and socialising purposes.