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Bluedale Publishing, established in 2007 specialises in publishing matters such as press releases, translations, and magazines with an emphasis on travel and tourism topics. Bluedale Publishing aims to be Malaysia's leading publisher recognised for its travel and tourism promotions.

Keningau The Guide E-book

Keningau The Guide E-Book

Keningau The Guide which first published in 2019, is a free travel guidebook providing information about Sabah's fifth largest town, Keningau. The guidebook makes it easier for travellers to navigate and explore their way around the town of Keningau. The Keningau The Guide e-book contains all the details travellers need to know about keningau such as daily expressive and commonly used words, well-liked foods and drinks to try in town or details on Sabah's largest park named Crocker Range National Park.

Surrounded by a mounttainous area and an abundance of greenery, Keningau will surely give you the perfect backdrop for a relaxing getaway for those in need of regenerating. To make your travel plans easier, get more information of your chosen location by downloading an e-copy of our guidebook here or by scanning the QR code down below.

Travel Guide In Your Palm

Available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store, Keningau The Guide app is a free travel guide app created to ensure easier travelling for both international and domestic travellers. Keningau is blessed with numerous picturesque hills to hike up like Mount Trusmadi, and places of interest for tourist to witness such as the Keningau Oath Stone.

We have carefully curated each section of the app in order to provide travellers with all of the information they need to explore Sabah's fifth largest town with ease. So don’t hold back and download our app now. With it being available on your smartphones, information is readily available with you at all times and you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy books with you.

Keningau The Guide App