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Places of Worship in Keningau

Guang Ji Temple

Beautifully adorned with greenery, a little drive away from the green valley is this mesmerising temple called Guang Ji Temple. Magnificent views of the Keningau Valley can be seen from a visitor-friendly destination. Enjoy a panoramic view of Keningau, this temple is a perfect place to stroll around.

Tai Pak Kung Temple

Located in the middle of Keningau town lies the colourful Tai Pak Kung Temple. This temple is impossible to miss while you stroll around the town area. This temple is home to “The Fat Man” symbolising “God of Prosperity”. The statue is aesthetically appealing and children love to appreciate the statue that seems to welcome everyone.

Masjid Al-Taqwa

The At-Taqwa Mosque comprises two towers and two green domes. The prayer room can fit up to 2,000 people. The mosque was designed with a modern and basic architectural style. Apart from the prayer room, there is also a separate building as a business centre where there are two storeys of Muslim goods stores. There is also a cafe in the same building for the congregation to relax after praying. There is also a separate parking area for the congregation.

Katedral St Francis Xavier Keningau

Basel Christian Church of Malaysia, Keningau

Gereja SIB Luanti Baru

Emmanuel Church Keningau